Analyst Virtual Briefing | IBM Chief Marketing Officer Study

To introduce analysts to IBM’s first-ever CMO Study — “From Stretched to Strengthened” — IBM Global Business Services (GBS) Analyst Relations team held another first: a briefing of the study’s findings via the GBS Virtual Center, a 3D, voice-enabled and web-based collaboration complex, which you are welcome to visit and experience first hand.

The 3D briefing and Q&A session, hosted by GBS Analyst Relations Program Manager Michelle Henry, featured:

Study Executive Leader Peter Korsten

Study Director Carolyn Baird

Smarter Commerce Global Leader Paul Papas

The new venue was met with enthusiasm and excitement for future opportunities. One analyst commented, “Attended first ever IBM virtual analyst meeting to review #ibmcmo study. Great use of social media! Is this the future for analyst events?” 

You’re welcome to view & embed the video - and share your thoughts with us in comments here or via @asabiliaAR on Twitter. 

Executive summary Insights from more than 1,700 CMOs – read the Executive Summary

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